9/1965 Establishment of TOYOTOKUSHI CO.,LTD. and start of operation at Ino Factory
Install the first paper machine and started to produce base paper for sanitary materials.
6/1969 Increased capital to 10 million yen and installed the second paper machine.
3/1970 Established the processing division and installed a baby diaper processing machine and began production.
10/1972 Installed a processing machine for adult diapers and began production.
3/1980 Expansion of a adult diaper processing machine.
2/1984 Installed a pet sheet processing machine and began production of pet sheets.
9/1985 Started manufacturing of polymer sheets.
11/1985 Expansion of a adult diaper processing machine.
12/1987 Expansion of a pet sheet processing machine.
4/1989 Completion of the new head office building.
11/1989 Expansion of a adult diaper processing machine.
4/1997 Constructed Hidaka factory and installed a production line for incontinence pads.
9/2002 Installed a adult diaper production line at Ino factory.
7/2004 Installed a pet sanitary napkin processing machine at Ino factory.
5/2005 Installed a large pad manufacturing line at Hidaka factory.
8/2008 Addition of new size equipment at Hidaka factory.
3/2010 Constructed the second Hidaka factory on the west side of Hidaka factory.
1/2011 Acquired land for a factory on the north side of Hidaka factory.
1/2014 Constructed the third Hidaka factory.