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In 1965, TOYOTOKUSHI, was established as a paper manufacturer of specialty paper for sanitary materials. We want to light up the future like the sun rising from the east. The company was founded on this wish of the founder, and named the company Toyo.

Inheriting the art of handmade WashiBegan production of adult diapers.

In 1965, we started manufacturing high-quality paper for sanitary materials using the paper-making technology that had been developed by Moriki Paper Company, the predecessor of TOYOTOKUSHI and built up our expertise in the manufacture of specialty paper.

Later, In 1970, we introduced a processing machine to manufacture disposable diapers and started manufacturing and selling them. Since then, we have continued to develop, improve and refine our products and technologies to advance as a manufacturer of disposable diapers for adults.

For products that come into contact with people's skinCommitment to Quality Control

Since its establishment, TOYOTOKUSHI has always manufactured products that come into contact with people's skin.

Because we are a manufacturer of products that come into contact with people's skin, we have to be particularly careful about quality. This idea has been inherited as the company culture of TOYOTOKUSHI.

We are confident that our brand of adult diapers, "Maya", is a product that we, TOYOTOKUSHI, are committed to and can be used with confidence by our customers.

Our thoughtsOur thoughts

We hope that the people of the world will have a brighter day and a better tomorrow. From now on, TOYOTOKUSHI will continue to provide you with the highest level of security and satisfaction.